COVID-19 Response

Find out more about how the Interprofessional Clinic is responding to COVID-19.

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The Interprofessional Clinic continues services to clients as well as residents and staff of the Perley Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre by virtual and in-person visits.

The clinic is open for all community clients. From one-way hallways to the provision of hand sanitizers in each individual treatment room, stringent cleaning practices to the use of masks and other personal protective equipment, the clinic ensures safe visits for you.

What we are doing to protect you

  • One-way direction in hallways
  • Individual treatment rooms
  • Hand sanitizer available throughout the clinic
  • Frequent hand hygiene for all; staff and clients
  • Disinfection of treatment rooms and therapy materials between each client
  • Disinfection of common areas throughout the day
  • Virtual or phone intake session for new clients
  • Physical distancing throughout the clinic
  • Surgical masks for clients and staff ($1 paid to the clinic at the time of the visit)
  • When needed, appointments will be staggered to reduce contact with other clients/community members
  • Use of plexiglass barriers and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required
  • Online forms/scheduling
  • No touch tap payment

What to expect when you arrive for an in-person visit at the clinic

  • The clinic will call you to confirm your appointment and you will be asked to answer COVID-19 screening questions. This may happen one day before your appointment and the day of.  This is essential to ensure everyone’s wellbeing.
  • We ask that clients come alone. If a client needs to be accompanied, we ask that they are only accompanied by one person.   This is to reduce the amount of people that will come to the clinic.
  • Upon your arrival at Perley, you will be required to call the clinic to signal your arrival at 613-526-7125. You may make your way to the front entrance of Perley (see map).
  • You will be met at the main entrance by Perley staff. There, you must complete a COVID-19 screening and have your temperature taken. You will be asked to wash your hands and you will be provided with a surgical mask.
  • A clinic staff member will meet you at the front entrance and will then escort you to the clinic, where you will be asked to wash your hands again before entering the treatment room.
  • During the session you may be asked to wash your hand again if you cough, sneeze or touch your mask.
  • During the session, depending on the type of intervention you will be participating in, Plexiglas barriers or face shields may be used, at which time you may be permitted to remove your mask.
  • At the end of your session the clinician and/or an admin team member will confirm your next appointment.
  • Upon leaving the treatment room, you will ensure your mask is properly in place and wash your hands again. The clinic staff will then escort you to the new finance office to pay for the services.
  • You have different payment options.
    • You may pay by debit or credit card during your visit.
    • You may pay over the telephone.
    • You can fill out a credit card agreement which gives the clinic the ability to bill your credit card directly following a session or the receipt of services/purchases.
  • A clinic staff member will then escort you back to the exit of the building, where you will be asked to wash your hands before you leave.

What you can do

  • Plan ahead so that you arrive with enough time to complete the new screening protocol before your session.
  • Be honest in the screening assessments, don’t come into the clinic if you are experiencing symptoms.
  • Do not bring a guest with you unless it is a parent of a minor, or an immediate caregiver necessary to the appointment.
  • Wash your hands frequently and wear a mask as instructed by the clinic staff.
  • Be patient. We are working hard to make your clinic experience as positive and normal as possible, however there may be some hiccups along the way.
  • Reduce your personal items. Bring only the items you need for your appointment, and leave any extra items at home or in your car.
  • Please do not bring any food to the clinic.
  • Consider emailing or faxing documents you would like us to review ahead of your appointment.


During what hours are appointments available?

The clinic is open from 8am – 4pm, with the exceptions of the hearing clinics for children on Monday evenings.

How can I pay for my appointment?

Debit or credit card is accepted. We do have tap available, or for a completely no touch interaction, your credit card information can be left with our finance office and billed directly by the clinic after service provision.

Direct billing to insurance companies is available.

Where can I find more information?

How do I schedule an appointment?

  • Intake sessions for new clients will be done over telepractice or over the phone.
  • Booking over the phone or by email.

Where can I park and how much does it cost?

Perley Rideau has designated visitor parking areas in front of our main entrance (map). Please do not park in any area with a sign indicating “Resident Parking”. Parking is free under 30 minutes.  There is a 10$ fee for parking longer than 30 minutes.

Is it safe to come to the clinic?

Yes, it is safe to come to our clinic. The Interprofessional Clinic has always had stringent Infection Prevention and Control procedures that we continue to follow. We also continue to follow Perley’s Infection Prevention and Control policies as well as the recommendation from Ottawa Public Health.

Do I need to come to the appointment in person?

Some in-person appointments may be necessary however the Clinic does offer virtually online and phone sessions whenever possible. Please call the Clinic to learn more.

Will I be charged for a missed appointment if I do not pass the screening questions?

What is most important to us is to protect you, the residents, staff, and all of our community members. As such, you will not be charged for a missed appointment due to possible COVID-19 symptoms. If you miss several appointments for this reason, other options may need to be explored such as video appointments to better address your needs.

If you fail the screening at the front entrance, you will be directed to your primary care physician and/or the appropriate testing centre.

What if I regularly experience one of the symptoms from the screening (like headache or runny nose) but I believe it is due to reasons other than COVID-19 (chronic headaches, allergies)?

Some of us will regularly experience a variety of symptoms due to underlying issues or conditions (allergies, asthma, etc.). If that is the case, then you can come to your appointment as usual. However, if you are noticing a new symptom, a worsening of your usual symptoms, or a symptom that is not presenting as is usual for you, then do not come in for your appointment and follow up with Ottawa Public Health for more support.

If I had previously contracted COVID-19, am I allowed to come into the clinic?

Yes, as long as you have completed your quarantine and Ottawa Public Health has deemed you clear to return to daily activities. Please continue to monitor yourself for symptoms.

Can I wear my own mask?

While you are welcome to wear your own mask to and from the Perley Rideau Health Centre, once you arrive, you will be provided with a new surgical mask to wear during your appointment at a fee of $1. This is to ensure a consistent quality of masks that everyone in the clinic will be wearing. After the appointment you will have the option to dispose of it in the designated bin or keep it.

What about students - won't extra people in the room increase the risk?

Our clinic is a teaching clinic, as such we do have students regularly. However, we understand the desire to reduce risk as much as possible. Students are held to the same high standard as our staff with respect to infection prevention and control.

Also, each treatment room has a maximum number of people allowed, based on the size of the room. If there is an excess of people, a student or family member may be asked to observe the session through secure video streaming from another room.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?

Only bring the items needed to participate in the session (ex. homework sheets). Please come already dressed to participate in the session (comfortable/loose clothes for physiotherapy). Please do not bring any food items.

How do I communicate my questions, concerns, and/or recommendations on how to improve the process at the clinic?

Please contact the clinic at 613-526-7125 or send an email to